It’s been a while since I last blogged, well, anywhere. Thanks to the institution known as a law school, it might have been two or three years. Now, normally one would think if they’re starting out on their own, as a lawyer no less, one would not have so much time to write on a blog. But earlier today, I was sworn in by the Hawaii Supreme Court to practice the law.

One of the reasons for this blog is because of a matter discussed by Chief Justice Moon during the ceremony. He was concerned about our commitment to access to justice, and reminded us of what we wrote in our law school applications, about our desire to go out into the community and serve the public.

I’d like to note that in my application to law school, I noted how I didn’t want to be a lawyer, didn’t trust lawyers, and would rather become a teacher. This is probably true, and explains this weblog.

See, what they never tell you before you go to law school, or see on
tv law shows, is that the practice of law is not what you think it is.
The profession suffers from high burnout, great job dissatisfaction,
and family disputes. Infact, if I could find that article in the ABA
Journal, I’d like to point out how lawyers work too many hours and
would much rather work fewer hours for less pay. Imagine that….

I see myself as a different kind of lawyer. I’m not out to get rich, but I don’t want to be poor. I’m not out to become the best mercenary there is, but I don’t plan to take things lying down. I want to be free to chase whatever issues in law that appeals to me the most, and that is a silly thing to hope for. Which is why I find myself in a very odd situation of hanging my own shingle and see where that leads me. This is a slightly unorthodox path, because most law school graduates don’t jump out and start their own firms. They’d clerk, or work for a megalaw firm, or well, something inbetween. But I think that’s just silly, since the best way to do anything is to jump right into it.

I can think of no better way to explore the judicial community, do good things (for a reasonable price) for others, and pay my student loans.

So that’s what this is about — writing down, categorize the joys of creating my own practice, succeeding\failing at it, and journeying through it. When else would be a more appropriate day to start writing if not the day I get sworn in?

Now to the first order of business…. um… as soon as I figure out what that is…