A comment from the previous post:
“Do lawyers usually do that? it would be pretty cheap to capitalize on a misfortune like that.”

Lawyers do engage in activities such as, well, chasing ambulances. Lawyers need business, and this is how it happens. It is very annoying, and most people would be pleased to hear there might be applicable rules of professional conduct which limit how lawyers can market themselves. For example, going to a funeral service and handing out business cards can get you in trouble.

How, you ask? If you attended a relative or a friend’s funeral service, and you knew the grieving parties, and give the grieving parties your business card with an offer to help with anything (doesn’t even have to be, in your mind, about the law!), that could be considered soliciting. And the things that makes this very difficult is the rules differ based on jurisdiction.

For example, in some states (such as Florida, if my recollection serves me right), you must wait a certain period of time before contacting people with injuries and label any mailings you send with the words “advertisement”.

So while the ambulance was moving rather slowly, I can’t say I would really want to be passing out business cards in the midst of a police investigation!