Back when I was stuck in law school, oh, several months ago, I was processing different mail that would come in for law review as the managing editor. The predictable stuff included articles being submitted for publication, but also included:

– an occasional book (offered for a book review) and other law reviews (exchange relationships with Japanese law reviews)

– offers for interviews

– advertisements for books and law review services (especially for ExpressO and LawKit by Berkeley Press)

– and spam mail from one “Samuel B. Davis, Jr.”

To be quite honest, I’m not sure why Samuel B. Davis, Jr. of Hampton, Virginia, would ever send his frequent mailings to us. We publish law review articles. We don’t do investigative journalism.

As I opened his mail and read them, it occurred to me this was a lot like a really bad story being played out. In the beginning, Samuel B. Davis, Jr. was a licensed attorney who apparently was trying to publicize issues pertaining to his divorce from his former wife, one “Gladys L. Barclay”.

As things went on, he began sending letters to federal attorneys, judges, and politicians complaining about violations of his rights. A typical end phrase found in his letters include the following, taken from his Sept. 22, 2006 letter to the “Hon. Chuck Rosenberg, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia”:

“There is no statute of limitations on a felony in Virginia. Any federal statute will run from the time the crime is discovered. In any event there is a continuing conspiracy to cover up the crime. I request an investigation.”

You also have random contention of unconstitutionality, like his “Exhibit No. 1” of a “Transcript of April 10, 1997 conference between retired Judge Designate James C. Godwin and Lawyer Kenneth B. Murov for entry of the Final Decree of Divorce.” His complaint? “I maintain that a retired judge, not subject to reappointment by the General Assembly of Virginia violates my right to equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

Also puzzling to me was why he would ever send out ‘exhibits’ involving financial details. Estate Checking Accout at Wachovia, account No. 00900456695 with a total receipt of $55,248.86? Bonds held in a Legg Mason Preferred Account, # 325-06044? Airing of his dispute with “Commissioner of Accounts Erwin B. Nachman”?

He apparently wrote a business service called “The Daily Report”, aws admitted to the Virginia Bar on “February 16, 1952 while in my third year of law school at the University of Virginia.” And then a fun comment about him being removed of administrator of his estate as well as a filed complaint with the Virginia State Bar.
In another one of his letters, he talks about the police trying to get him committed to a mental institution.

Well, enough of that. Here’s a link to the order revoking Davis’ license as an attorney.