I found “The Complete Guide to Contract Lawyering”, 2nd edition while wandering about the Univ. of Hawaii Voyager catalog looking for more random books that might help me while I go about establishing a business. This is part of my effort to get some idea about how to go about creating a law practice while spending a little dough as possible to keep costs low. I picked the older, 2nd Edition because it was the one I could actually take home instead of reading while in the library.

Contract lawyering is the idea of working for other lawyers who might have too much extra business to really handle. Basically, you take what you can get when you’re starting off, and it’s one way to get some amount of dough rolling in.

The book’s helpful in giving one some idea about the ethical consideration to think about, as well as how to approach other lawyers for business. They also mention how to figure out your rates, if you’re suited to this job, and the rather low reputation lawyers sometimes have for contract lawyers (see Chapter 3, The Case for Working as a Contract Lawyer).

However, I find the book is somewhat more suited for mainland situations. For one thing, I’m not sure the example rates are realistic in Hawaii, nor does malpractice insurance coverage extend to contracted lawyers. Nor does there seem to be a lawyer placement agency locally. Hmm, perhaps that invites a market opportunity…

I would say this is a book worth reading if one is considering contract lawyering, for both the person approaching it as a means of earning an income and as the solo starting out and attempting to have some sort of cash flow.