In yet another one of those “let’s see what the library has to offer” in terms of law practice information, I wandered around KF 318.S825.1974 to come up with “Law Office Management”, edited by Kline Strong and Arben Clark. As the call number suggests, this law practices book written in 1974 is full of useful suggestions, for the law student, support staff, and practitioner, who wishes to use state-of-the-art pegboards for facilitating time management and financial accounting.

In addition to the wonderous world of time slips, file cards, and manila envelopes, one can learn more about the usefulness of having support staff provide indexing services, creating your own ‘low cost information retrieval system’ with selector heads and strange looking devices, and other tidbits of information that if I was actually able to find an office supply store selling these items, might actually be useful.

The ABA publishes regularly a list of publication for ‘law practice management’, which might be more useful than this old, old textbook that apparently use to be the former property of my Evidence professor.